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05:17, 24th July 2024 (GMT+0)


Standing at 6'1" with a lightly muscled, bordering on slender frame, Aeryn's build seems at complete odds with the heavy mace strapped to his narrow waist. A further incongruity is the dark emblem emblazoned on his shield when compared with the whites, soft blues and gold edging of his carefully-wrought scale mail.

His waist-length hair, silver in colour for the most part but fading to charcoal black at the ends is typically left to its own devices, free to fall over his shoulders and down his back. From his shoulder blades sprout a pair of small, vestigial wings, their feathers black with rust-red tips.

His features are elegantly attractive, perhaps the most striking a pair of emerald green eyes which possess a strange depth and a multifaceted nature much like a gemstone.

He is not reserved so much as somewhat disconnected, as though interaction has become something that's just too hard. He seems distant often and it takes him a long time to make decisions, perhaps because of the two different points of view at constant war within him.