The Adept
Levi is a slender man with a serene face and kind eyes wearing simple robes.
simple robes, a staff, a few books on the Unspeakable Power and other arcane sorts of things, oddments worth 1 Barter
Magical Object
A bronze diadem that holds a crystalline cat's eye.
  • It lets you view things remotely (once per session you may Study a Situation on a scene you are not currently in).
  • It stands between you and chaos (once per session when Whispering Into or Harnessing The Unspeakable Power, it will absorb or shield you from the consequences of a failed roll).
  • It attracts the attention of something horrible (roll +Steady to not be noticed when you use it).
The Order of the Primal Ardor
OutlawSecrecy, Blackmail11
Sex with the Adept
When you and another character have sex, you both may Whisper Into The Unspeakable Power as if you rolled a 10+.
Sell your arcane power for a price to someone rich or important. 
Threaten or coerce someone powerful with your magic. 
Reveal the extent of your power to someone who may covet or hate your abilities. 
(-1 Steady)(-1 Fierce)(-1 Wily)(-1 Sly)
Adept Moves
Harness The Unspeakable Power
You are a magic user and have an ability to tap into The Unspeakable Power in a way that normal people cannot. When you try to harness The Unspeakable Power to achieve and aim, roll+Arcane. On a hit, you may change the world in some minor but tangible way. On a 7-9, the MC will also hold 1 and may spend it on one of the following.
  • The Power knows what you're doing and why you're doing it.
  • The Power asks for something minor in return.
  • The Power requests some small show of loyalty.
Use your talents wisely.
Power, Horrible Power
You have achieved arcane mastery over something. Pick one of the following: stone; plants; air; fire; water; metal; illusion; beasts; or the dead. When you command what you have mastered, roll+Arcane. On a hit, hold 1. Spend your hold to bend what you master to your will (examples: shatter stone, create a powerful wind, feed a fire, raise a skeleton, calm a beast). On a 7-9, the MC will also pick a consequence from the following list:
  • Your control is weak. The effect is less than or not exactly what you desire.
  • Your control is erratic. There may be unexpected consequences.
  • Your control is exhausting. You take harm.
On a miss, you lose control of what you command. What that looks like is up to the MC.