Montana James
Montana wears a tailored Leather Jacket and a brown beaver felt wide brimmed hat. He keeps a whip on his belt and a shortsword and a short bow on his back. He has a nice tin cloth rucksack with a wooden frame that holds all his gear with built in quiver for his arrows.

Montana James, 20,

Montana is the son of an esteemed Professor of Archeology. Having grown up at dig sites in exoctic locations all over the realm Montana dreamed of becoming an adventure seeking dungeon delver. His dad on the other hand dreamed that he would follow in his footsteps and spend a decade of so in dig sites and then becoming a professor.

While he didnt see eye to eye with his dad he did indulge him and studied, but he also snuck off the ruins nearby to hone his delving skills. He also enrolled in boxing, fencing, and wrestling.

When he was a teen he was at a dig site with his dad when he began to apprentice under his dads business partner. He gathered artifacts for Montana's dad to study but he also gathered them for buyers. By the time Montana found this out he had a falling out with him and they parted ways. He has since searched for the man but he has not found him. Last he heard he crossed the wrong buyer and was killed for it, though there is no proof one way or the other. This man also gave Montana his hat and whip.

They had a falling out because Montana agreed with his dad that history belongs in libraries and museums where the public can see and learn from their past and history instead of on the curiosities cabinet of some rich man.

Upon his dads recommendation he was accepted into the Academy, having realized that Montana will never be the type to sit behind a desk to study artifacts.

One time at a dig when he was younger he tripped a trap that dropped the floor out from underneath him and he fell into a snake pit. Ever since then he has had a fear of snakes.