Kug'no is a sly, youngish Kobold.  He is generally quiet, rarely voicing a complaint or hesitating to follow instructions.

He does have a bad habit of "collecting" things - shiny things, glittery things; he is something of a magpie.  No matter how many times he is caught and punished, he just can't help himself.  He usually does not take anything of extreme value - which would quickly be missed - but small, easily concealed, and easily forgotten things have a habit of finding their way into his pockets, if he is not watched very closely.  Likely, only the difficulty in replacing him, so far from Ta-senet, has kept him from truly harsh punishment.

While out and about looking for new things to add to his collection, he sometimes hears interesting bits of rumor, which he then shares with Kig'ru ... knowing that kig'ru, in turn, will find some way to relay the information to Kenemon (or perhaps Shabaka).