Clover is not his real name, it is the name he uses with friends and foes alike. His real name is 17 syllables long and pronouncing it correctly takes years of training.

he is barely 2' 8" tall and at only 27 lbs he is quite thin. Wearing an "ivory white" leather explorer's outfit.

he has an encyclopedic knowledge of the facts of the world, able to pull dates and names and obscure places up as if second nature. but the subtlety of small talk and conversation are foreign to him. He much prefers a stack of books to a crowded room. If "forced" into a crowded room he will often gravitate towards those with great stories to tell.

he keeps his hair cut short to keep it out of his eyes but it is clear he often does it himself. when goes anywhere he always wears the same explorer's outfit. he never seems to be short on snacks, notebooks, or a convenient writing implement. to this day he still wears the same outfit. it seems to have grown with him always fitting "perfectly" but never appearing magical

as a child a relatively minor epidemic of a curable disease passed through the valley. the family could only afford to cure Clover's father so that the family could keep a roof over their heads. the disease was not lethal but it was a disease that ravages the body.

clover began reading books, he developed a love of knowledge and absorbed everything he could get his hands on reading in every spare moment he could get. while he never became a librarian he knew repositories of knowledge like the back of his hand and became a resource to any that asked his advise.