Orlen was a bit short even by gnome standards standing just three foot three inches tall. Still his frame was athletic, combining both muscles and grace in such a way not often seen in gnomes. His light brown hair flowed down to his shoulders and his blue eyes were as blue as the deepest blue sky. His face had some weathering of one used to the outdoors more than indoors.

When entertaining he dresses in bright clothes of gold and green. He normally acts as the carnival stronggrome or tightrope walker. He enjoys performing when he can still.

When on the warpath his wears a virtual armory. Dressed in a chain shirt with a light steel shield he sports a variety of weapons useful in slaying goblins and giants alike. He carries a short sword, hand axe, light hammer, short bow and a dagger. He is said to be equally deadly with the bow as with any melee weapon.

Orlen was a content traveling circus performer until the Ogres bullied the Black Foot tribe of goblins. In one of their raids they attacked the circus, Orlen was left for dead that day but was nourished back to health. He then became a warrior bent on the destruction of the giants (and some say goblins). He served admirably in the militia forces sent against the Black Foot tribe and even earned a commission as a sergeant in the militia. When the tribe was broken and scattered he tried to return to his former life but to many friends had died so he took up adventuring.