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Ruth Bennet

Ruth Bennet was born the daughter of an Illinois farmer. She was the first girl in a family of 3 brothers. A lack of female companionship on the Virden farm lead to he being quite the tom boy despite what would be an undeniable feminine charm that would develop.

In her late teens, Ruth caught the eye a Springfield politician, and would soon leave home to begin her new life as arm candy to the political elite. Ruth would learn much by being an observant and curious young lady however, and through subtle suggestions and prods, she began to aid her men in many ways beyond the bedroom.

In her early 30's Ruth would accompany her lover to the east coast on a business trip. During the course of this trip, they would be attacked by a Sabbat pack. Her lover was the selection for embrace by a Ventrue in the pack. Ruth was nothing, and weak looking, so she received a shotgun blast right to the head. As the procedure began, Ruth's man wailed and pleaded for mercy. Ruth, unnoticed, crawled forward despite being near death, seized the abandoned shotgun, and blew a hole in the Ventrue. He looked down at the mewling old bastard he had been about to embrace, and realized that this woman, was the real find. Knocking the gun away, he took Ruth in her lover's place and made her old flame her first meal.

Before her full induction and rites, the pack was attacked. Ruth was never sure who or what the other group was, but in the confusion she managed to flee. She returned to Springfield, where she set about making sense of her new life, and using her newfound skills to manipulate her way into having some degree of control over the local political scene.

Before long she was apprehended and brought to the Prince, where she argued and pleaded for her life(not begging though, never that). She was granted it, but given a very thin margin for error. Much of her assets were also taken as tribute leaving her with no real resources to her name.

Ruth has finally reached a point where her restraints have been relaxed allowing her to try to rebuild into the semblance of what she once had. She must tread carefully, but she is prepared.

Ruth is a tad on the short side, with a lean, killer body. Her face no longer matches though, as the blast from years ago left her with a hairless dented in scar that takes up much of the left side of her head. Her previous beauty allows this to average out and make her average of appearance overall. She is prone to wearing wigs.

Ruth has come to believe that she must convince the world she has no boundaries, and would commit any atrocity to succeed , but in reality this is a shell, and she really just longs to be a part of something meaningful, and to have a hand in building something great.