Bulaburb once had another name, a name revered by all in his homeland of Monvalia. He was the idea warrior, the mightiest paladin of his Order. Betrayed and left for dead by the priests of the ancient god Hurion, Bulaburb, the only survivor of his Order, slaughtered the priests who betrayed him to death and broke every oath he'd taken. Now a feared mercenary and assassin, Bulaburb forgot his name, his titles and embraced the name the demon worlds gave him, "Backbreaker".

Soon after he left the service of Hurion, he fought a powerful demon. His blade could not cut it, his mace could not crush it. Wounded and near death, Bulaburb kicked the thing's feet from under him, raised the demon high over his head then brought it down with spine shattering force over his knee! As the demon screamed, Bulaburb dislocated its jaw, reached down its throat and seized its heart, eating  a bite of the still-beating thing before the dying creature's eyes. His name is whispered with awe and terror in the Demonworlds so he adopted it as his name, his only name.