Hello. I am Pyrokine, a curly haired, strong legged woman with many sides and many past lives, of which you only know a few. I'm 55 year young and have three adult children, Sylvia age 25 and the twins, Dingus and Dongus age 27. I've spent most of my life trying to put all of the world into some kind of order. Maybe some people don't have to do that, it all just makes sense. But for me, it's been a life's journey. So far I understand id, ego and superego, cultural and moral relativity, the importance of ritual, the allegory of the cave, how to craft a lot of things, and the scientific method. I'm a trained healer, at least trained to the extent that a poor, rural dweller such as myself can be. I'm great at foraging and tracking. I hate enclosed spaces and people who take themselves too seriously. I love to laugh and sing when I feel comfortable but I don't usually feel comfortable. Sometimes it feels like I have this mysterious current of electricity running through my skin. I don't know what that's about but I think to myself that it's magic. Laugh at me if you want, laughter is wonderful!

The only way I've been fully able to express myself is through my mysterious fiddle. The songs just come to me. I don't mean that I never had to practice, no I practiced endlessly. But now the music is my mother tongue, my first language. I think it has magic in it, too.

In all my searching for truth, universal laws and structure to make sense of this crazy, flim flam world, I have sharpened my ability to read people. I can see right through you. I can analyse what your motives *should* be based on norms and superego, what your motives probably *are* based on id, and how it all shakes out. The synthesis as it were. Yes I'm probably a Marxist too.