Name: Neveran
Titles: Servant, Nev, Neve.
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Homeland: Meereen, Essos
Current Residence: Meereen, Essos
Hair: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5'9
Weight: 140lbs

Physical Traits: Neve is lovely in her own right, she has a curvy hourglass figure and is petite. She has strong features though of the Essos woman and their darkened skin.

Attire: Servants dress

Personality: Neve is a sweet woman, she is kind and gentle until someone attacks something or someone she cares about then she can be viscious

Skills/Education: Neve is only able to read thanks to Lana, she helped teach her how to read.

History: Not much is known about Neveran, when she was but an infant, the queen Xeanna Targaryen found her in the arms of a man trying to sell the infant to a slaver. He couldn't tell the queen where she was from, who her parents were or even her name. The queen took the child from the merchant and had him arrested for taking the child and took her to the Targaryen home, a pyramid that they had resided in since taking Meereen.

While she began raising the child, she sent out words to surrounding cities, trying to locate Neveran's true parents, but could not. Having her own baby to raise at the time, Lana, she raised the two girls almost like sisters. Until the day came that Neveran was old enough to begin working in the service of the Targaryens.

She made Neveran the personal servant of Lana, explaining that she was to look after things Lana needed and to get her things. Unlike the other servants though, she was given her own room in the pyramid and treated far more like family then a servant. Neveran for her self, was happy to be there for Lana, her best friend and confidant. Lana taught her as she grew older, how to read.

When she was twelve, Neve got her first menstruation and began thinking about boys. At first, she didn't think about Jae, he was the prince and she knew there was absolutely no chance of ever being with him. But as they grew, she couldn't help but notice the man he was growing into. His treatment of Neve was always kind and caring, but by the time she was sixteen, she'd began to notice she was having feelings for him.

But he never seemed to show her a mind, that was until she was eighteen and he began flirting with her and dropping the hints. By then though, she'd been hearing about the women he would take to his bed, also hearing the sounds coming from his room should she pass. The jealousy that coursed through her was unlike anything she'd ever thought and she'd never even been with him.

She'd decided then, that she couldn't risk becoming one with him, it would tear her apart if she did and then had to watch him marry someone else. Especially when it would be one sided. She still couldn't believe he would love her even if he got to take her to his bed. And so their own little game of cat and mouse began, he would flirt with her, give her touches and glances and she would always run away.