Name:  Jaelarys Targaryen

Titles: Prince

Nickname: Jae

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Homeland: Kings Landing

Current Residence: Meereen, Essos

Hair: Silvery Blonde though often colored a darker blonde

Eyes: Violet

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 180
Physical Traits: Jae is an attractive man, not exceedingly tall but can stand out in a crowd with his roguish smile and confident demeanor.  He is well toned, lightly muscled but not bulky and his movements are strong and quick.

Attire: He wears the loose, comfortable clothing that most citizens of Meereen wear though will dress more formally if required.

Personality: Charming and attentive with the ladies, loves decadent meals and parties, and overall seems like a fun-loving yet laid back sort of guy.  He has a temper however and can be absolutely ruthless in a fight.

Skills/Education: The bulk of effort in education went to Jae though his sister was typically present and in some areas actually did better, but he was educated in the ways of a leader in order to rule from the iron throne.  Civics, economics, and management stressed most.  His efforts with languages fell far short of his sister though he speaks and reads High and Low Valyrian, Trade Tongue, and Andal quite well.  It is planned for his sister to be his liaison with other languages.  He is learned with the sword and bow as well as spears and the halberd.  Everyday skills include horseback riding, hunting and basic tanning, singing and dancing, and making jewelry.

History: When he was five and his sister just three, Jaelarys was whisked away in the night from Westros as their mother feared for her children's lives.  Their mother never spoke of their father nor others in particular from their birth home but she made sure they learned as much as possible about Westros as she knew one day they would return and one of them would claim the throne once their father had passed.

Growing up, Jae was the serious and reserved one though there was a bit of curiosity and at times laziness about him.  As he entered puberty, he was moody and couldn't control his temper but over time he did learn as his mother and instructors helped him learn how to channel that anger through weapons training and working with intricate designs of jewelry that required patience.

There were also the times he was given complete freedom, spending his time with willing ladies and enjoying the finer things in food and wine.  It was something that boosted his ego a bit too much and he began to expect special treatment, forgetting his manners at times and treating people with less respect.  That all changed when his sister was married off to the son of the lord of House Pahl.

He only received a few glimpses of her abuse but it was enough to remind him he could not become like Tormik and so many of the other lords of Meereen.  When his sister was beaten so badly that she lost her child, he very nearly took up arms with intent to kill the man but his mother calmed him, told him to take care of his sister and be ready to leave Meereen when the time was right and he would know.

Tormik was poisoned and died an agonizing death as their mother watched him die, not bothering to run or hide.  She was crucified for her crime, leaving her grown children behind to continue their lives with the hopes that they would fulfill her dream of them ruling Westros and bringing honor to the name Targeryen once again.