Kazdan Glarrick

Kazdan grew up in Silverymoon, the child of two half-elves. He was raised however by his father who was a fairly successful cartographer in town. His mother had died when he was a young child.

Kazdan suspected that she had been a Harper, which explained his father's reluctance to let Kazdan near anything that resembled that lifestyle. For a few years, Kazdan was content to work as a mapmaker under his father. Eventually, though he became determined to strike out on his own and hopefully fall in the footsteps of his mother. He left with a sword on his hip, a bow in hand, and a handful of maps in his backpack.

The sun crept lazily across the sky, prolonging the suffocating heat. Kazdan expected the heat as it was normal in late Eleasis. What bothered him was the absence of a breeze. He had been sitting on his perch in a tall elm tree since morning waiting for...he wasn't really sure who, or what he he was waiting for.

He had been hired by an Elven female to watch a little used road that led into Neverwinter. For a brief moment he had seen the symbol of the Harpers underneath her cloak. He figured if she wasn't a Harper she would have told him she was up front and therefore, he trusted her, for better or worse. However, all she told hims was, "report to me any unusual activity on the road."

Kazdan was not certain he knew what the usual activity was, but so far all he had seen was the sun unfiltered through clouds and a few swarms of biting flies. As he wiped a bead of sweat from his brow before it could trickle down into his beard again, Kazdan noticed a small horse drawn wagon making it's way down the trail. The driver of the wagon looked like every farmer in these parts, dressed in simple linens and a broad hat. The back of the wagon held a couple barrels and sheaves of hay. As the wagon drew past, he glimpsed a shimmer of steel under the hay. "What was that," he thought to himself, "I'll make sure to report that."