Amber Cavedelver

It's very possible that on first glance, one might miss Amber Cavedelver. This is partly because of her height, which is below average even for a dwarf, but mostly because she makes no effort to stand out from those around her.

As with many of her kind, Amber is quite stocky, although she lacks some of the pauchiness that some of the more well fed members of her race can fall into. Despite her young age, her skin is weathered if almost unhealthily pale, and constrasts somewhat with dark eyes and hair which is best described as a dull copper colour. Her expression tends to one of openness and expression, but there's a slight tiredness and pain around her eyes which hint at something more.

Her dress is relatively simple, with a careworn coat of scale mail darkened with coal dust covering well worn cloth and leather garments. She wears her hair simply, either tying it back or letting it hang, and she seems not to own any jewelry. In a similar vein, her warhammer seems to be almost entirely functional, although on closer inspection it appears that there are a series of notches scratched into the haft, although what they mean remains a mystery.