Airabelle Ari Nerefort
Airabelle was not blessed with a strong body, her slight frame much like her mother who'd passed in childbirth. She strived to improve her lot by being active and training. Ironically though this did give her petite frame a base of lean muscle it stunted her growth. She is not one to make excuses and did her best to focus on growing new strengths. Fight smart, not hard.

She is often dressed in a suit of carefully maintained and repurposed leather armor, small stitches and adjustments show this likely was standard issue for a more average built woman but she wears it confidently. Her hair auburn hair is short cropped with little care for appearance, her skin on her arms and face baring a light tan, compared to the fairer skin under the armor.

 Along the back of her neck is a rather stylized eye, something often mistaken for a tattoo was actually a birthmark she shared with her mother.