Bax Attor
The man before you is of average height and fit build.  His head is shaved and a number of intricate tattoos adorn his face and scalp.  He moves easily, despite the weight of his mail armor and the bulk of his arming sword, suggesting he is accustomed to bearing them.  He has a bracelet on either hand.  The left one is a silver chain with a small charm depicting a hand with the index finger upraised upon a circle of flame.  The right one is a leather band with a heavy token depicting a open-handed gauntlet with an eye on the back of the hand.

He is young, with bright eyes and a quick smile, and is as fond of drink and song as any.  He keeps diverse company, and seems equally at home with grizzled veterans and bookish scholars.  He can be overhead swapping war stories as often as arcane formulae, or on quiet nights he can be found reading or transcribing books on various subjects.

No matter where he is, his lingering gaze and enigmatic smirk give the impression he knows more than he says.