Arkhen Rhyn
A tall slim man, clearly more at ease behind a tome than a plow. His sharp blue eyes miss very little, an eyebrow always quirked up in either silent mockery or curiosity, and an aristocratic face that's probably never taken a punch. His black hair  and beard are kept short, and the way he runs his hand through them hints that they may have been a recent addition to his head.

He wears tailored traveling clothes: vest and shirt in dark colors, riding boots over trousers, and a bandoleer over his chest filled with wands, scrolls and various arcane knickknacks, with a worn leather-bound book kept protectively close  in his pack.

His most remarkable feature is the dark red tattoo running down the left side of his face, from the edge of his scalp to his eyebrow and then over his cheekbone, a flowing rune of a claw. But that's the only red you'll ever see on him. No red on this wizard. Nope. "Not my color," he'll say in a thick Eastern accent and that will the end of the conversation.