Sunny McCloud

Sunny McCloud is the rich stoner guy, voted most likely to be baked in the year book. Despite that he passed even the hardest classes thrown at him in highschool with ease...and then dropped out of the University because it was just as easy and not as mandatory. He and Moon inherited their parents fortunes and companies when they died, though only after an ugly period of time during which it was revealed their abusive guardian uncle had been behind the helicopter accident.

He is not a paranoid fanatic but his hobbies include learning about conspiracy theories, ancient history, and fringe science. Something of a mad scientist type he has claimed an old hotel in the bay as his residence, transforming it into lush paradise exclusive to him and his inner circle of friends or family. From this reclusive location he journeys out into the city to publically attend board meetings, privately conduct his designer drug business, and secretly fight crime in the city as The Botanist.

Weight:180 lbs 
HairDirty Blonde 
Hero PointsCurrentNotes

Other Details  
BdayDec 31 2002 
ResidenceAbandoned HotelThe House of Sun and Moon
WorkDrug Dealer / Board Member 
VehicleArmored Limo 

Life changed for Sunny after he threw a blow out epic birthday party for himself at Age 17. Everyone who was anyone at the high school was there, and the stuff that happened was vegas level Can't-Even-Remember-It-Clearly shit, stuff that belonged in ancient Roman bath house orgies not a high school birthday party.  The drugs and booze had flowed like the tigress, and the main event was the release of his first designer drug "Liquid Sunshine."

That party set into motion a series of changes. It cause a divide between himself and Moon, after they ended up hooking up during it under the effects of the drugs. It caused Sunny to have an epiphany, his brilliant mind opening up to new crazier scientific frontiers...which in turn resulted in him resurrecting a whole slew of cryptids with his mad science. It caused Ruby and Karissa to become friends with Moon too which set into motion the formation of the hero group opposed to Sunny's. It even caused other ripples and awakenings in the city... some of which are just starting to come to light.