Ruby Lancaster

Ruby Lancaster is a Star City local Celebrity. Not because she has done anything spectacular but because she was born the Heiress to the Lancaster Family Legacy.  Her parents are Judith and Robert Lancaster, architecture and construction magnates. The current holders of the torch for several generations of prominent Lancaster builders and artists. The family has been attributed with the construction or design of a vast percentage of the cities current and former buildings and infrastructure. For all intents and purposes...the Lancasters literally BUILT Star city from the ground up.

So when the artistic and talented Judith Lancaster had a stroke that left her severely damaged it was a tragedy felt by the entire city. The fact that she had been driving home after a Charity Gala that night with her daughter Ruby made it even worse.

Judith was pulled from the car before it sank completely into the river, but Ruby's body was never found. It was assumed at the time that she was ejected and washed away downstream. So when Ruby turned up months later, after the searches had been given up, with amnesia on her father's doorstep it was a media sensation.

The Cities darling child was alive and back!

But was she? Ruby has never recovered her memories despite press conferences stating that she was seen by top experts and doctors. She was in good health otherwise and has been cleared to return to school. One of the things few things she had done to stand out was to choose to go to a public high school in the inner city instead of one of the big private schools.

Her mother was a recluse now, rumored to have turned into a savant with sculpture and other fine arts...yet needed help to feed and clothe herself.

Her father was trying to conduct business as usual while mourning his wife and his daughters circumstances.

Weight:115 lbs 
Attractive Featx2 (+8)CHA 18
Hero PointsCurrentNotes

Other Details  
BdayAug 20Leo
ResidenceArt StudioIn Moms Condo
VehicleSports CarRed Tesla

Ruby will soon come to be known as Stargirl. A super powered avatar of the city itself. A walking talking crime bashing artificial woman with the power to control the city streets themselves and walk through walls.
When in her Superhero guise she changes her appearance to look made from stone, metal, and glass.   A living statue sculpted by her 'mother' in anguish and love so perfectly that the city itself came to life in it through Judith's stroke ravaged hands.

Her hair turns from her normal white-blonde to fresh asphalt black, her skin becomes concrete flecked with glass, her eyes turn to colored glass as well and her body is 'clothed' in pinkish marble with gold trim.  If she gets hurt it is revealed that she is hollow inside like a terracotta warrior and has to repair herself.