Chimera, AKA Jenny (Who was a particularly needy ex-GF of Sunny), is a plant-Animal hybrid thing. Not exactly planned for but still the creation of one very very high Sunny McCloud. Chimera was originally created to produce the synthetic designer drug Liquid Sunshine.  A whole bunch of Chimera's in fact were made...though Chimera ended up eating all it's siblings.

It talks oddly enough in a female german accent though it only knows some basic english and has anIQ that places it firmly in the retarded toddler category. Feed Me Sunny is it's favorite phrase right next to I'm Starvin and BEER!. Yes you heard that right...the plant is a drunk. If it is not clearing out the fridge, it is probably doing a keg stand.

So why does Sunny not just kill it with fire? Probably because it is the only remaining source of Liquid Sunshine (Which may or may not be plant piss...) and it was the result of years of cryptobotany research, experimentation, and minor crimes.

Now after two years Jenny has become a partner. She drives his Limo, watches his back, steals his lunch, spies on his love life, embarasses him at every opportunity, and generally kicks the butt of anyone else who threatens Sunny. All In all... She is almost worth the trouble.

Weight:30 lbs 
Hero PointsCurrentNotes

Other Details  
ResidenceXL Coffee can 
WorkLazy Bum 
VehicleArmored Lim0??