Dominique Roux
Dominique Roux is an eighteen year old girl from Star City who is attending UCSC.  Her father, who hasn't been part of her life since she was very young, was African-American, while her mother, is of European descent.  It's given Dominique an exotic look.  Through high school and beyond, she has been pursued by boys of all sorts, but gave few of them much attention.  Her longest relationship was Jett Matthews.  They decided to separate when they both started college, with Jett venturing across the country on a football scholarship.

With her curly brown hair, blue eyes, and toned physique, Dominique turns heads.  She fashions herself as a modern day hippie, preferring jeans or shorts, and a loose t-shirt.  Recently, she has started wearing more skirts and dresses.

She lives in the UCSC dorm.

Height:5' 4" 
Weight:128 lbs. 
Hair Color:Brown 
Eye Color:Blue 
Distinctive Features  
Other Details
BirthdayJune 7 
ResidenceReynolds Hall 
MotherGenevieve RouxExotic Dancer at Shenanigans
FatherDominic FosterNot in the picture.

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