A warforged of simple design, built for work rather than combat. Partially embedded in his chest is an amulet of golden wire around a red gemstone, that seems to have been forcefully jammed into his body and then whatever natural healing happens to such creatures had caused it to then be fused into him. He wears a belt pouch secured with a length of frayed rope, and across his chest is a loop of leather cord tied to a torn pair of pants with only one of the legs still intact. The foot end of the pants leg is tied off, forming a quiver for a single javelin. It's a patchwork creation that works, sort of, but it's constantly shifting from the javelin's own weight. He carries a huge sword over his right shoulder, and the weight of it compared to his fairly slim body looks as though he would not be capable of ever wielding the thing into battle. Though most of his construction is of wood, metal and stones of dark color, his hands and forearms are of a very shiny silver toned metal.