Jique Tanaru
Stout Halfling Rogue
Outlander from Chult
Stands right at 3 ft, 45lbs, Brown hair and tan complexion.
Chaotic Neutral "Good"
HP10 AC14 Init+3 Speed25ft
Proficient with Thieves' Tools and the Pan Flute
Speaks Common, Halfling, and his Native tribal tongue

Born to a tribe of druids deep within the jungles of Chult.  Jique was abducted as a child by the Rundeen, a slaving and mercantile consortium, when they attacked his village.  Separated from the rest of his tribe, he was to be shipped to Skullport and sold off.  While en route to it's destination, the ship was waylaid in the Sea of Swords by privateers.  The crew was killed, the cargo seized, and the slaves aboard freed.  Believing his tribe gone, and having no knowledge of how to find his way home, he stayed with the privateers.  They were a fair band of rogues operating (mostly) aboveboard with the city of Baldur's Gate to combat smugglers and pirates.  Occasionally, Jique's crew would cross paths with the Rundeen's ships.  Through interrogation of survivors, Jique eventually learned that other children from his tribe were also taken alive and shipped to various flesh markets along the Sword Coast.  He decided to make it his mission to infiltrate this organization, locate his people, and enact revenge.  Jique departed from the band that had taken him in and set out on his own to find answers.