Name:  Kento Littlejeong
Backstory:  Acolyte
Domain:  Trickery
Race:  Halfling
Age: 65
Size: 2'8"  42lbs
Attributes: Lucky, Brave, Halfling Nimbleness, Stout Resilience

I grew up in service of the temple of Chauntea Goddess of Agriculture, a loyal acolyte of the faith.  Yet, harvests were smaller each year.  The order blamed the farmers and villagers for not being devout enough, not maintaining the faith well enough.  Each time demanding more offering, more tithing, and more to join the monastery in Chauntea’s name.  The newest members often caught trying to run away, many were held against their will, all in further the service of Chauntea.  Still harvest weakened.  It was then I heard another voice during prayer.  Urging investigation, urging boldness, urging getting to the bottom of this mystery.  Never one to turn away from a calling I embraced the new direction although unknowing the source, the intent felt righteous?  Channeling in this new domain granted new ability which helped this pursuit.  I would slip by storeroom guards unnoticed, and lower acolytes automatically believed I was the identity of anyone I claimed to be.  What I found I couldn’t believe.  The leaders of the monastery, when they no longer could receive Chauntea’s blessing were sabotaging crops to push blame on farmers.  Greed had overtaken the monastery and had corrupted the foundation of the faith.  The new voice urged that if I were to take action, luck would be on my side, all I had to do was take the risk to expose the entire Temple.  I gave my faith to the new voice and luck was indeed on my side.  I overheard a plan to wither a crop using tainted water only days away.  Approaching the townsfolk, the trap was set to catch the upper clergymen in the act.  A trap was planned and with a little luck all was revealed, every lie, every deception.  The monastery was overthrown.  Children returned to their families bearing tithing unjustly taken.  This is when the voice revealed herself.  Tymora, the Goddess of Good Fortune guided this turn of luck.  I take her with me now, travelling the land, hoping to overhear of unfair taxes, traditions imposed on the downtrodden or leaders unfit for their position.  I stand to support and bring healing those unfairly treated, to disrupt all those oppressing the less fortunate.  After all, luck is on my side…