Not much is known about the Aylse elves: they keep themselves to themselves.  They were the only race that didn't fall for the lure of Uthorion, and no one knows 'how they knew'. It is known that some of them fight on the side of Ardinay, but again the reasons are unclear

Another unknown thing is why an elven Princess should choose to leave the forbidden continent of Elveim and befriend House Tancred. In human society such an event would require a hundred body guards, an entourage, a week of exchanging gifts and banquets. But Sapphire just turned up on her own and knocked on the door of the castle.

For the last few months she has been assisting House Tancred deal with the chaos and corruption in the land. It was while defending a village on the outskirts of London from a horde of Gospog led by a Ravagon that she was hit by her first reality storm. Her already significant magical powers were improved, and with help she prevailed against the Ravagon.

Unlike most elves she is friendly and accepting of others. Like most them, she talks very little about her homeland.

When kitted out for a fight, Sapphire will usually carry a large knight's shield on her back, a brace of wheel-lock pistols at her belt, and a beautiful fencing sword. When marching the shield fits on the back of her backpack, almost as though it was made for it