Jordan Hickok
Jordan clearly belongs to the goth subculture, though her fashion sense goes more to the white side of monochrome than the more common black. Her hair is dyed white with a black lock to one side, and she usually wears layered white and black, gothic-inspired clothing, complete with frilly headgear. She has a long white coat she especially likes. Rather than the usual black lipstick, she usually wears red to contrast with the rest of her look. She also often carries a parasol. The rest of her makeup accentuates her pale skin, except for her contrastingly dark eyeshadow and dramatic eyeliner. She also carries clove cigarettes and sometimes perches them in her mouth, but almost never actually lights them, much less smokes them.

Setting aside her goth fashion sense, the first thing people notice about her, Jordan looks to be in her late teens. She has pretty features but is otherwise physically unremarkable at 5'4" and 120 pounds. While she is a Storm Knight, not much is known about her, though she does bear a certain resemblance to one of the Mystery Men of the Nile Empire. On the other hand, Jordan is clearly American and indeed living in America, so perhaps it's a coincidence.

With regard to her picture, Jordan doesn't actually have white eyes or lip piercings, she just enjoys getting especially dolled up for photographs. Her natural hair and eye color are brown and blue.