Mau-Ma was an odd appropriation of the ancient to the modern.  At the top of her 5'6" body she wore a bleached cotton head-scarf that hid her dark black hair but seemed to emphasize her dark eyes and sharp cheeks.  Below she wore a combination bright blue silken shawl over a shoulder-less blue dyed cotton tube top that ended just beneath her breasts held up with just a thin pair of straps and cinched tight in back.  Beneath that was a loose bleached cotton dress in an oddly constrictive sheath like style that began just below her modest bust underlapping her top and reached all the way down to her ankles.  It alternatively showed off and concealed her lithe form with whatever way the wind would blow.  Though that was not quite the end of her wardrobe as with the odd step a blue cuff could be seen to peek out from beneath her dress tightly circling an ankle above very ordinary and simple reed sandals.

Now wearing

Her long black hair hung down her back in a neat ponytail tied in several spots along it's length.  Below that she was barely covered by a blue tube top with thin straps that wrapped tightly over her breasts but covered little else revealing golden hoops in her ears, around her neck and even a thin gold chain that circled her hips above where a pair of pantaloons in a matching blue to her top began and flowed down her legs to tight cuffs at her ankles.  The whole ensemble far freer of movement and evocative of her sex.

fmb330 no headscarf fancy
fh17028 with headscarf