DW Morgan
“DW”, being the moniker he has worn for years; most people don’t realize Morgan’s first name is Aaron, and few think of him this way.   No, these days he’s only Aaron to family and DW to all his friends, though only his closest friends get to know what it stands for.

Keeping his hair shaved short and his stubble fashionable, DW exudes relaxed swagger in his downtime. His clothes, boasting a healthy variety of browns, tans, and other mute colours, always appear comfortable in the “heavily broken in” sense of the word.  In fact, DW’s entire style could be summed up in the phrase drifter chic.  The one constant in his ensemble is usually vest or a jacket that must be enchanted given the seemingly endless supply of cigars he seems able to produce from within.  On occasion there’s a stick of dynamite too, and the fact he gets confused as to which is where has caused some concern for compatriots in the past.

In the field there tends to be a lot more of latter, and the relaxed swagger morphs into a palpable energy, mischievous and almost giddy at times.  If one didn’t know better, they’d think he was having fun…