Ikada Gen
The Ikada family hold a very strong position, politically and financially, in Kyushu (the southern most island of Japan).
And the family is equated, in all manner, with the stereotypical 'Yakuyza' ... brutal and tightknit, controlling as much power and populous as they can through whatever means they can by her father, Daichi.

Gen has been raised since childhood, as first daughter, to be a warrior.  She was never destined, by tradition, to be a leader, for those roles (even today) are held by the men of the families.  But like her mother before her, she was placed upon the path of the assassin ... a task that she prefers, regardless.
As all family members, of course, her business acumen honed till it was as second nature as breathing.

Gen's younger brother, Junpei, has always been told that he will inherit his father's position as head of the family ... but it has always been known that Gen is expected to act as his sword.
They also have two other brothers, Kana and Udell.

Two years ago, the children lost their mother, Wan to assassination ... investigations suggest such was initiated by the Ota family.  But really, there is no much bad blood between the Ikada and the Ota, that  1/ such an assassination could not have created much more tension, and  2/ anyone framing the Ota would have little trouble doing so.

The important things, though, is that Gen inherited her mother's katana (alongside the one Gen earned on her 7th birthday).   In these intervening years, Gen has come to believe that her mother is guiding her from the spirit realm.
And it is her mother's urging that has led Gen to turn down the path of opposition to the High Lords.   She is convinced that, with spiritual knowledge beyond anything Gen can comprehend, Wan knows that the High Lords must not take Earth.