Bella Sarmaris
DESCRIPTION - Bella wears a light flowing armless dress of russets colours mixed with forest greens that falls to just past her knees.  Beneath the dress leggings a shade darker are tucked into the top of her soft leather boots that are strapped up to just below her knees.  Slightly built she stands just past 4 feet.

Her hair is typically disheveled and tied back from her face loosely with a thin leather tie.  Her delicate and pointy elven ears stick out from amongst the hair making her lineage obvious.   Bracers circle her upper arms accentuating her small yet athletic muscles, and upon her left should is a stylised tattoo of an oak tree.

A short bow and quiver are attached to the framework of her leather backpack by a quick-release clasp holding them both in tight to the pack.  A dagger adorns one hip a short sword and its sheath is strapped to the other.  A trained eye might notice the grip of the pommel is stained dark from the blood of past battles.