Rolo Dustdigger
Rolo Dustdigger is an average-looking hobbit with a calculating eye.  At a hair over 4', Rolo's stringy appearance is more in tune with the harsh realities of the relentless desert and his professions.  Those familiar with hobbits from greener climes would scarcely recognize him for what he was, identifying him more by stature and hairy feet than anything else.  His feet, hands, and face are tanned almost black.  Rolo wears a close-fitting brown gudru cloth hooded shirt and pants over which is well-worn black-oiled studded leather armor.  Hanging about his neck on a well-made braided leather necklace is a pristine shimmering blue iridescent feather captured in a piece of carved dull black stone with many inscriptions.  An amber earring with a beetle suspended inside hangs from his left ear.  About his waist is a woven belt or sash of brown hair attached with a D-ring and then knotted.  Hanging from a stouter leather belt are a short curved sword and dagger, while over his shoulder is his short bow.  His long brown hair is pulled back into a tight ponytail and gathered in a stark white piece of curved ornate sar wood with strips of leather tied to each side.

On closer inspection, Rolo's pants have reinforced knees and inseam and his shirt has extra padding about the elbows.

Rolo has an obvious odd unpleasant smell about him that anyone who gets to know him would realize is attributable to his six-legged slokanth lizard mount.  It normally stands about 4' tall and 12' long (picture a dun-colored scaled komodo dragon with a spiked neck and that can move as fast as a horse at need).  The lizard's powerful legs and broad clawed feet speak to it being adept at maneuvering in sand or on other surfaces, as well as being able to climb vertically and leap.  Such domesticated lizards are common in the desert where Rolo calls home.  This also explains the short stirrups and high cross-bar (i.e., the horn on a horse saddle).  At speed, the swaying motion is violent requiring a jockey seat.  At normal slower pace though, it's very smooth.  If you're familiar with these lizards, then you would know that in the desert and arid mountains, they hunt in packs, get considerably bigger over their long lives, and are terrors to whatever it is that they hunt.  This is one reason why approaching any unknown oasis must be done with extreme caution, typically using hummingbird arrows to flush them from hiding.  Their systems are very efficient at processing water and food.