Sin-Nasir is a tall(6'6"), powerful and lean man. Built for the harsh life in the desert, his skin is tanned and impossibly perfect shade and his hair, jet black, long and braided is kept pulled back with a simple tie, woven by his grandmother years before even he was born. He is handsome, and surprisingly charismatic for a 'backwards Bedouin' from the dunes and oasis' that cover the desert of Despair.

He wears light cloth pants of the region with soft leather boots and armor. A schimitar hangs on his hip, as well as several daggers. There is scarring around his wrists and ankles when they are visible from the shackles that bound him so much of his life, bindings he would never wear again.

He is a fierce man when crossed, and loyal friend once trust is earned. He is the last, as far as he knows, of the great Golden Eagle Tribe. They were wiped out some years ago by a confederacy of other tribes led by a madman(wizard) with only ill intent and personal gain at heart.

Sin wants his revenge, and to rebuild his tribe the best he can. The legends and tales of his trials and adventures will be sung about centuries after he passes along.