Aleksis Dempster Scott

Name:          Aleksis Dempster Scott
Race:          Humaniti             Homeworld:  Flammarion/Sword Worlds (Spinward Marches 0930)
Height:        1.68 m               Weight:     66kg
Eyes:          Amber                Hair:       Dark Brown, short with a short trimmed beard.
Skin:          Light Brown          Age/DOB:    Mid 30's (13-1071)

Aleksis Dempster Scott has a striking appearance; light brown skin, seemingly fit and fairly good looking. His face is slightly non-symmetric with medium long hair and a short, trimmed beard. The man is dressed in a form-fitting suit with extra pockets, which  was very fashionable in high-society, about 8 years ago. Carrying himself in a resolute manner, he is often courteous, but also has a habit of being blunt, bitter or dismissive. The ex-marine speaks with an upper-class accent mingled with a variety of other accents.

His gait is peculiar, when he starts moving, it almost seems as if he falls before his legs start acting a couple of milliseconds late. The effect is both obvious and subtle; it is easy to notice but hard to pin-down.

The youngest son of a Baron, Aleksis was often a considered an embarrassment to his father. He performed badly at college and was often head-strong. His failure to enter the Military Academy failed, coupled with his decision to enter the marines (as enlisted) did not go well with the baron.

After serving a term in a black-ops unit, Aleksis was assigned to the foreign service diplomat protection unit as a lieutenant. At the end of his 3rd term as  a marine and second in the protection unit, Aleksis was severely injured while on the job. Losing his natural legs was a big blow to him and caused him to resign from the service.

Not much later he and his father almost came to blows when the now ex-marine refused to honour an arranged marriage, causing him to be disowned. His father, also made sure that Aleksis was unable to enter the Diplomatic service, something he was applying to.

Job-less and without any support from his family, Aleksis was drafted into law enforcement and did service as a Detective Constable on Flammerion. This was not a match made in heaven and now the ex-marine is seeking new opportunities, willing to to greater length to escape his fathers wrath.

Primary Certifications: Athletics, Gun Combat (Slug), Leadership, Persuade
Secondary Certifications: Advocate, Carouse, Tactics (Military), Stealth, Vacc Suit
Tertiary Qualifications: Deception, Heavy Weapons, Streetwise