Sarn Theris
Race: Aasimar
Age: 26
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 226 lbs.
Hair Color: Steel Blue
Eye Color: Lapis Lazuli
Skin Color: Brazen

This Aasimar is one of the plane-touched to be certain. His features are like a statue sculpted from marble. Or more accurately, bronze, as his skin holds a brazen sheen like dark, brushed gold. The slightest glints of green and blue show in random places where his heat differs like metallic bronze when put to flame. The subtle tinges of color compliment eyes his steel-colored hair, like blue cobalt. The eyes are a bright and deep blue, flecked with gold that evokes lapis lazuli.

He is tall, a couple inches of six feet and carries the build of a warrior. Muscle, expertly formed, especially in the arms and shoulders that denote hours of practice with sword and shield.  His breastplate is the same blued-steel color of his hair and is decorated with a gold inlay pattern of the Key of Abadar. He stands after the attack from the Fire Drake, looking at a piece of wood that impaled a muscle in his forearm. He pulls out the offending chunk of debris and hefts a large Darkwood shield emblazoned with the crest of his Order: a five pointed iron star, clutched by a fearsome talon.

He sets his eyes upon the creature and pulls a necklace from underneath his shirt. The golden key, holy symbol of Abadon. The top opens and he imbibes something from inside before replacing the stopper with his thumb and bringing his hand to the hilt of his sword. The broadsword slides from the scabbard slowly, revealing a dark, black blade of adamantine. "Dragon scale rends beneath the might of Abadar."