Imryll Quizeiros
Imryll looks quite normal for the average elf that has never left the elven territory. That is brass tanned skin, 6ft tall, long hair of the colour of the hazelnut and purplish eye colour. He is a little bit heavier and with more muscles than the average elf, around 145 lb.

He wears some nice elven clothes and a cape, all of them looking of very nice manufacture. He wears a symbol of Iluvatiar in the cape brooch. Although he does not seem a very devoted person, he respects the elven traditions and respects the father of all elves and firstborn of the race.

His behaviour towards other races may not be very welcoming, and sometimes feel a little bit arrogant, as he assumes you don't understand the elven society very well, but chances are he knows even less about your society and culture than what you know about his.