Adam Tachles

Adam is a person who is so easy to read one would think that his mother was a book. He always wears his emotion on his sleeve and that emotion is unrestrained joy at the prospects of life. He could be the only man fighting the nine hells and he would still be absolutely thrilled at the idea of it.

Dark hair, blue eyes, and a smile ready and waiting. He always tends to keep his clothing simple and always has an alchemists kit on one hip and a tattoo kit on the other hip.

Even though he may come off as simple with just how joy-filled he is, the man is smart to the point he has been known to think sideways and still work out an advanced formula.

He has been to prison one time after punching out a judicator. They started the process to outreach to him telepathically but he decked the person stiff-armed before any connection to be made as "they did not have his permission to put anything into his head, harmless or otherwise.".

Everywhere he goes there is a Gypsy wagon pulled by warhorses that is not long behind him if he isn't riding it himself. Manning the wagon itself is Adam himself, and himself, and himself. Three copies of the same guy all doing their best to buy, sell, and trade goods found on his travels.

The wagon also acts as a small shop for what little tattoo work he does. That aspect of his business is what causes his wagon to look so amazing. Glyphs and mazes, designs abound that make one think the wagon must be some artifact with the amount of work that went into it.

Lastly, there is a one-foot tall statue of the goddess of love herself. If you leave a coin in her bowl she will incline her head and make the sign of blessing. It is well known that the coins that end up in her bowl are, without fail, given to poor houses or to buy for the local homeless. That same statue has been seen walking around the wagon from time to time. She does a brilliant job of helping to pack up to leave.

Normally two visible tattoos: A disk on his right palm that has a snowflake in the center with fifty notches around it. The same but inside the ring is a holy symbol on his left palm