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She stood before the Assembly a slight woman with hair the color of snow and a heart that was said to match it. Her long white clothing dripping rime, eyes the color of a grey sky, her skin like ivory. "If you had only listened to me this would not have happened." her accent gave away that she was clearly not from the local. The pointed ears that tapered up into points, reinforced it.

Madam Vermilion gave a languid wave of her hand at the exotic beauty. We have no such concerns, Chu'I we are self reliant and quiet capable of handling anything that comes our way." arrogance rolled off the crimson clad woman. "If we had concerns of the Star-Peaks actually having any threat we would have long ago dealt with it." she lifted her chin. "Please enjoy the Crimson Village, if you like, you are welcome to stay as long as you would like, but not be so narrow minded as to sow fear into the hearts of my people." she said with a small sigh. "Now if you will excuse me I have things I must attend to." she rose the picture of grace and elegance and her handmaidens as one rose as well and followed after her.

Chu'I would have allowed them to suffer there own fate. Were it not for the love of one of the local maidens, who often brought her small gifts in her wintery home. She glanced to the peaks of the mountains and took a breath, she would do all she could to save the little one's family. She suspected the Crimson Village, was doomed. The small child, had won over a fraction of a heart barely capable of feeling anymore, if worse came to worse she would personally wisk the child away with her to her own home. She was after all know as the Winter Witch of Yue'Weng.