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22:30, 22nd July 2024 (GMT+0)

Hsang Ying

The brothers, they were always fighting over something be it land, the better in war fare, or woman. It seemed a never ending and constantly twisting road that Hsang Ying, had spent the majority of her life coming to understand. She was not what most of them assumed her to be. She was not some fair maiden who needed rescue but she was indeed the central character of the tale, the brother's did not know this yet. They would discover it much to their own troubles.

She had long been watched, and she might make a Dark Lord yet, if the Powers that Be had anything to say about it. Until, that point, the woman would continue her ways, plotting and planning and preparing. After all, her nest needed protectors, and her she needed those of whom she could transform.

It seemed such a simple thing really.

People often underestimated the maiden in need.