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Ting Su

The Mistress of Masks Everyone heard the story of Ting Su she was a simple peasant a mask maker for all of the grand festivals in the Crimson City, to earn one of her masks, marked the wearer with prestige. To have one hand made gave them honor. The Lord of Crimson City adored both the masks and the mask maker, she was of low birth, but he brought her into his family as a concubine anyways, when his wife failed to produce an heir for him, he had her sent away and made Ting Su his wife.

Ting Su was both humbled and honored, all she had done was make masks and was blessed truly blessed by the gods. Ting Su's life would be magical for the first sixteen years of her life, she bore the Lord twelve children. ten boys and two girls. The former wife was not out of the story, in the sixteen years that Ting Su had been living happily, the former wife had become a witch, and cursed not only her ex-husband, but his lovely wife.

The Lord of Crimson City, fell ill with a wasting disease. Surprisingly his children were spared, as all the ex-wife ever desired was children, her spite was for the parents alone.

Ting Su was called a snake in the grass and so a snake she became. ever changing her face and becoming someone new. She disappeared into the mountains. Wisps of song is often heard in the mountains, as Ting Su, continues to make masks, these for herself.