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Galena is a petite and curvy half-elven woman, though it's hard to see her slightly pointed ears due to the tumbling waves of golden curls.  Her eyes are a pale green and full of compassion and kindness.  Her attire consists of long tunics and breeches, typically darker greens or purples.  She carries a longp spear, light mace, a couple of daggers, and a light crossbow.

She wears what some might think is a holy symbol, and it is precious to her, of a Unicorn.  Her voice is a soft and gentle alto, a pitch that some find warm and comforting.  Though she is a gentle person, she does know how to use the weapons she carries to defend herself and others.  Mostly she prefers to remain peaceful and tend to the wounded or ill.  Her greatest joy, though, is helping bring new life into the world.  It doesn't matter if it's two leggers or four.  Children are precious to her.