Description: Short and solid, Donovan stands a little over 5'5", 5'6 maybe? Regardless of his height Donovan is compact and has an oddly compelling aura that attracts attention. It could be that his eyes, which are often hard or closed-off to the suffering of the world can turn kind at a moment's notice. It could be that his lips, which are often curled into a mischievous smile, are just as likely to offer inspiration or rebuke the banality of the typical asshole one finds scouring the streets of the typical city.

Somewhere in his late twenties or early thirties, Donovan is rarely found sporting anything which could pass as fashion, instead, Donovan comes out a hair's breadth above homeless-chic, lucky he pulls it off well.

Concept: Sagacious Solider

Personality: Closely tied to the god of ancient Egyptian faith, Aten (from which the Abrahamic faith's monotheistic god heralds) Donovan is a rare tortured soul within a World of Darkness who believes in being right and just, while also understanding that these high-minded concepts are not without their own costs.

Noteable Traits: Tattoos and Appearance 3