Description: On a first glance, Dan seems like the a guy that was born to embody the stereotypical nerd image: one could well imagine him coding in solitude, hiding from fleshly eyes and the "real" "meat world". Yet, the beauty of human binocular vision is that we need to deal with a composite of two different and discordant images, and the images one would observe if giving time for Dan to long over time would paint an entirely different picture. There is an ease and desire to be among people that seem a little bit at odd with the first impression - and one could even start imagining if that first impression is not a cultivated one.

Anyway, Dan is a young man is his late-20s (though, unfortunately, he has the kind of facial structure that forever marks him as younger than he looks and carries a hint of childishness to his features that is really difficult to deconstruct), who likes to dress simply yet in a way that could be acceptable in most social settings. He is the kind of people who is never spot on in his attire, but just slightly under-dressed or overdressed), and that level of "just slightly off" makes it alright.
His hair is kept at shoulder level, and most of the time loose. His usual demeanor is one that seems to exude a kind of uncomfortable confidence (which one wouldn't be too wrong in reading as a bit of arrogance) mixed up with a perpetual awe at whatever he seems to be interested in. Certainly, a behavior that does not help a lot in dismissing that childish impression he so much dislike about himself.

As someone who truly puts a lot of importance on how things are named, when assuming his ImpDance persona he seems a lot more confident and playful, as if embodied by something akin to an adventurous jovial focus.