Tall, elegant and shapely, Serais a beautiful woman despite her lack of effort paid to fashion. In fact, the minimal effort she puts forth somehow accents the natural quality of her looks: she is no silicon production.. Gifted with the looks of a model, Sera draws eyes wherever she goes and yet blessedly seems largely unaware of her impact. She dresses conservatively, typically found in blue jeans and a dark hoodie, her long black hair tied back in a high ponytail with a simple, bright pink bank.

There are hints of more, of course. So much more than a pretty face, Sera shrouds her inner nature behind a wall of cheerfulness and enthusiasm, a characteristic joie de vivre. Even still, she possesses a certain off-kilter glimmer in eyes that have seen what none ever should as they stare past the world in front of her to the Beyond. The twist about her is most noticeable in her absence while present: she scribbles notes to herself, scrawls out beautiful drawings in a ringed Hilroy notebook and otherwise seems only pseudo-present at any given moment. Sometimes, she speaks to things which no one else can see, or addresses objects others view as inanimate. Through it all, she exudes an unflappable acceptance, the kind which can only come from a life lived by one flung about on the eddies and currents of universal will beyond herself.

Mechanical Notes: APP 4