A certain wily ragabash describes Ghost-of-Silver:

  "There're three things y'need t'know 'bout Ghost."

  "One, she hears voices in her head. Not because she's crazy - though there might be a bit of that too - but because her ancestors have apparently set up permanent shop in there t'the point that she doesn't even get t'have dreams of her own. This isn't a hostile takeover or anything, but it does explain why she can go from bein' eye-glazingly eloquent - as a lupus, no less - in one moment t'completely tongue-tied 'bout th'simplest thing th'next because her internal Garougle search failed t'turn up a useful result."

  "Two, she has one of those oversized silver letter openers the Fangs are so fond of, and even with my knack for finding out 'bout things I'm not s'posed to, I'm not really sure what th'story is behind it. In fact, I get the feeling that even th'Fangs have different ideas 'bout where it comes from, but you'd probably do better t'ask her 'bout it yourself. I do know that she has a thing 'bout not using it against other garou unless they're traitors or tainted or whatnot, but for all th'mumbles 'bout proper purpose she doesn't seem t'mind using it t'cut rope and such either. Go figure."

  "Three, both of these other things are tied t'some legendary figure out of early Fang history, and it has somethin' t'do with him seein' them losin' their way and wanting t'do something 'bout it. Course, y'didn't hear that from me and I certainly didn't hear that from any Fang 'cause they'd never once dream of admitting they have any problems, but I'm sure she knows whatever stories that officially don't exist t'any outsider's ears 'bout him and the fancy knife and the bloodline that isn't quite a bloodline and how it all ties together."

  "Or maybe she doesn't. It wouldn't be th'first time that this sort of legend-making stuff turned out t'be made-up legend. I'll leave you t'guess at which parts are which."