Hero Name: Hound
Real Name: Destiny Oyara
Look: Woman, black, steely eyes, unassuming clothing, adaptive costume (changes color to look like her neon-flesh)
Abilities: superhuman strength and speed, vitality absorption, memory manipulation.

Moment of Truth: The prickly tingling fear of your doom, always in your head—it holds you back most of the time. But right here, right now? It gives you the confdence to do anything. Afer all, what’s the worst that could happen? Is it worse than your doom? Do impossible things. Do anything. But mark a doomsign afer you’re fnished

Team Moves:
When you share a triumphant celebration with someone, give them Influence over you and spend 1 Team from the pool to clear one box on your doom track.
When you share a vulnerability or weakness with someone, give them Influence over you and ask if they honestly think there’s hope for you. If they say yes, mark potential or clear one box of your doom track. If they say no, mark a condition or mark your doom track

[x] [x] [x] [x] [ ]

Advances used:

Danger +1
Freak +1
Savior +1
Superior -1
Mundane +1

Afraid [], Angry [], Guilty [], Hopeless [], Insecure []

• When did you frst learn of your doom?

Oh, it became real obvious as that huge, goat-horned man leaned over me and said, "You will be mine." Kicking him hard in the junk seemed to make him back off for just a moment, but then he laughed, and that laugh... Man, paralyzingly scary. "Perhaps not today. But soon. You will join the pack. Join the hunt. You will be mine." I ran like hell. He just laughed.

• Where did you get your sanctuary?

Bella Arcana, the Sorceress Supreme, came to me on the first full moon after my transformation. She... took pity on me. Told me that the Hunt could be balked, but not stopped. When I broke down over that, she took me to one of her old sanctums; a brownstone in a discrete area of town. Gave me the key, but told me the doors would open to me even if I lost it. She told me she wished she could do more, but ancient pacts, yadda yadda. It's something. The place is really nice, actually.

• Why do you oppose your nemesis?
"You will be mine." Really? Get the fuck over yourself. Stalker-creep much? And let's not forget I'm far from the only person he's after. Guy needs to be taken off the menu for this world.

• Who, outside of the team, is crucial to defeating your nemesis?
Sam Preston. He's apparently 'of the blood', whatever that means. But he's come to me and told me he knows a lot about the legend of The Hunt, and swears up and down he can help me. He approached me. Out of the blue. I've got no reason to distrust him about this. I keep feeling like maybe he lost someone to The Hunt, too, but it'd be weird to ask him. Guy's a major nerd; one of those 'awkward around girls' types. Took a lot of coaxing to get him to look at me when he talked to me.

• Why does the team matter to you?
Are you kidding? They're the only ones who really get what it's like to be this different. Who the hell else am I going to talk to about my powers? And about... Him. No, the school guidance counselor isn't gonna cut it.

You told Shade all about your doom and the danger you’re in.
You’d love to kiss Plasti before your doom comes.

Tese people matter for what you need to do. Give Influence to two of your teammates. Shade and Kick Chick

You’re doomed. Your powers may be killing you, or maybe you’re hunted ruthlessly, or maybe you embody an apocalypse. But one way or another, your future is grim.What brings your doom closer?
- Showing Mercy (The Master of the Hunt disapproves)
- Facing Danger Alone  (The Master recognizes I must be part of the Pack)

Doom Track: [x] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]

Dark Visions: Mark your doom track to have a vision about the situation at hand. After the vision, ask the GM a question; they will answer it honestly

The Sanctum was given to me by the Sorceress Supreme. It was one of her old hide-outs. She knows that it won't shield me from the Master of the Hunt forever, but it'll be okay for now...

The upsides:
- art, music, and food
- a library of valuable tomes
- a meditation space

The downsides:
- Draws dangerous attention
- Location known to many.