Carver Arvel

Name:          Carver Arvel
Race:          Humaniti             UPP:        798BCA
Height:        1.95 m               Weight:     75kg
Eyes:          Amber                Hair:       Dark
Skin:          Swarthy              Age/DOB:    Mid 30's (13-1070)

Carvel is a tall, lithe man with a swarthy complexion in his mid thirties. Below his amber coloured eyes, and on both sides of his to his broad nose, he has a series of small bright red and blue rhombus and rectangle tattoos. He is dressed in loose, practical clothing; often light beige cargo pants with a navy blue shirt. His voice is soft but confident and he speaks with an unusual accent, in times of stress he occasionally uses foreign words instead of angelic.

Around his neck he wears a cord with a small portable computer attached. On on side of the computer some extremely heavy wear marks can be seen, almost as if the side is filed down, with the letters 'hobl' still barely visible.

Although often in the background, Carver has an air of authority around him, suggesting he is used to command in some form. He is also quite deferential to authority figures, perhaps implying he is used to a fairly rigid chain of command.

Primary Certifications: Engineer(J-Drive, M-Drive), Electronics (Computers)
Secondary Certifications: Gun Combat, Leadership
Tertiary Qualifications: Admin, Pilot, Drive, Gunner, Mechanics