Name:      Khuevaengh
Species:   Vargr
Age:       42
UPP:       7C9CC6
Homeworld: Rinvoengerrazodhae | Gvurrdon | Zoghz-0507 | C31077B-A Na | Va | G

Str   7 +0
Dex  12 +2
End   9 +1
Int  12 +2
Edu  12 +2
Soc   6 +0

0 Admin
0 Athletics
0 Carouse
4 Electronics (Comms)
1 Electronics (Computers)
4 Electronics (Sensors)
1 Engineer (Life Support)
2 Gun Combat (Energy)
0 Language
3 Mechanic
1 Medic
1 Melee (Infighting)
0 Profession
1 Profession (Construction)
1 Recon
0 Science
1 Stealth
0 Streetwise
0 Survival
0 Tactics
1 Vacc Suit

Term 0 (Pre-Career): "Rinvoengerrazodhae is a war-wracked mining colony where you can look forward to a life of drilling into rock and hoping that it doesn't kill you before the next revolt does."

Term 1 (Corsair/Reaver): "When one of the bands that frequents the place thinks you're a good prospect, you don't need to say 'yes'. They already knows it's your answer."

Term 2 (Merchant/Broker): "You can do all of the mercenary work, protection, and raiding you please, but you still need to move those goods when you're done."

Term 3 (Marine/Support): "I wasn't much of a salvage-peddler, so when the leaders started talking war, I had a new use for my skills. As it happened, the only real difference was the scenery: a lot less crawling through ducts and a lot more crawling through dirt."

Term 4 (Citizen/Worker): "Talented engineers are always in demand, and that's especially true after a war. Everyone needs to rebuild the things they just spent years blasting apart."

Term 5 (Loner/Hunter): "All that dirt-crawling was good training when it came time to lead paying customers out into the bush to shoot whatever they thought would look good when served on their dinner table or mounted on their wall."

Term 6 (Scientist/Technician): "They wanted to collect whole rather than in pieces, but the basic idea was the same. I learned just enough about the subject to know it was all way over my head, but as long as the ship's systems kept doing what they wanted, I kept getting paid."