Alyx Karoll

Alyx Karoll. You may have heard the name. The face might be familiar from holos and other entertainment. This guy looks like him. Older though, and a bit haggard. If it is him, you know the story. Just a kid, really, when he moved down the Spinward Main to Regina, the world where it all happens in the marches, no one of consequence. Charming and ambitious, he quickly made a name for himself as an actor and performer.
He was also something of a social climber. Born poor, he became wealthy and famous, particularly after being taken under the wing of Marches wide famous holo director Stephon Lukasz(ally).
Some say the pinacle of his rise, and the key to his eventual fall, was his romance with the Countess Josaphine Hortales Aella(ally, for the time), cousin to the Duke, when she spent several years at the Capital on Regina.
His own star power, combined with his profile with the nobility, caused him to be offered the role of Lord Santocheev in a series of Holos about the Frontier Wars, and the two became something of friends during his research for the role(ally).
Then it all came down rumors swirled about his relationship the the nobility and who knows which are true. It's almost certain that his downfall prevented him from being elevated to knighthood. It's absolutely certain that Countess Josephine took it hard and has actively damaged his reputation and career.
And he hasn't been seen in public in months. This guy kind of looks like him, but, it couldn't be him, could it?