Andrew Steward Copeland
UPP: 77889C

Nobel Two terms

Andrew made great strides in combating rampant corruption. This unfortunately cut into one of his family's unofficial income streams. One of these efforts he helped a rival noble and her family in a property dispute because he thought theirs claim more worthy than his family's. This and his other efforts earned him the enmity of the heir apparent. While his efforts earned him acclaim in the subsector he knew that if he stayed with his family it would be a matter of time before the heir arranged an "accident".

His rival (now ally) offered a place with her family  He regretfully declined. He had heard some of her family whisper that he only helped them out of self interest and was frankly tired from the uphill effort to do the honorable thing. He decided to serve the imperium in a new way by joining the Scouts and leave the intrigue behind.

 Scout four terms

Andrew would spend much of exploring near and beyond the border of the imperium. He also took part in scientific expeditions to study (and sometimes fight) alien lifeforms, such as the infamous ghodbear.

He also to performed recon and recovery missions for the scout service and the navy.

The last few years in the scouts he was involved with the security branch of the Scout service. He commanded a group with the Special Security Service that was known as the <Redacted> who were responsible for  <Redacted>. and <Redacted>. Recently his unit was disbanded due to  <Redacted> and he is now on detached duty and trying to keep a low profile until things cool down. He hopes