Frederick Vicouna
TL/DR - Human 66BCE89 - Astrogater / Broker

Freddy Vicuna went to University, developed a thing for Astrogation. Spent 7 years as a Merchant where he honed his Broker skill to razor sharpness. Found it time to get out and start fresh. Reach back and contacted an old Noble acquaintance (Andrew Copeland).


Freddy seems like a likable fellow, the kind of guy who calculates math in his head a little too fast.

Freddy has wavy hair that never seems to part where he wants it to. Usually leaves it just above his shoulders in length. Rarely is clean shaven, almost always has a bit of a scruffy beard. Brown eyes. Light brown hair. Used to be fit, starting to gain some weight, but not at all too heavy. Around 6' depending on what boots he's wearing. Often wears vests unless he needs to wear a suit.

He does have and sometimes wears a rather nice rapier does actually know how to use it.


Frederick "Freddy" Vicuna left the frigid bustling world of Enope as soon as he was accepted to University. The initial objective was to get out of there- anywhere. University opened up the worlds by way of math and calculations and the rabbit hole was ever deeper. Astrogation was his jam, Freddy discovered. He definitely had a knack for it.

When University was over all too quickly, he set out to see how he could continue this passion of astrogation. In with the Merchants, he found his niche. In all he spent 7 years with the Merchants.

Early in Freddy’s career with the Merchants, he was tapped for an assignment that involved some very delicate and complicated inheritance claims over property disputes. This is where he was to meet Andrew Stewart Copeland. Back then the two parted more than acquaintances, but not quite good friends.

In his seven years honing his skills serving as a Broker, he did achieve career defining moments twice propelling him as one of the stars of his sector. His willingness to do business with less than law abiding folk, sometimes even pirates, signaled that he might want to get out while he was ahead.

Looking for a fresh start with a desire to apply his skill for reading a good deal as well as navigating a path among the stars, he finds himself looking up old contacts who might lead to something fun and maybe even lucrative.

He tries to enjoy hot and arid worlds, but claims his blood is too thick.