Tall, slender, painted. It is difficult to tell where Caoilfhionn's skin ends and where the warpaint begins. Ash is painted on most of her exposed skin, with blue and black stripes going criss-cross on many parts of her body. A thick black stripe goes horizontally across her eyes, blending in perfectly with the pitch-black glistening of eyes lacking any sort of white. Underneath thin lips rests pronounced canines, giving the elf from the Cinder Wood a rather animalistic, feral look. Long thick auburn hair flows easily, in a mixed match of braids, free hair and decor. In a headpiece is situated a series of salvaged antlers, adding to her already nature-look. Broad shoulders is swept up by a long cloak, covered in leaves, branches and other elements of the woods.

Her body is clearly well-kept, peak physique for someone of her kin. Arms are muscular, good enough to pull the longbow she carries or the long spear on her back. A wicked knife is also hanging from the sash around her hips. She leaves much of her skin exposed, especially her legs and feet, the latter entirely free from fabric or leather.